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The more payment options you give your customers, the more sales you can expect. Give your customers the option to pay with cash by installing an ATM machine. We offer a complete turnkey, ready-to-operate ATM solution that promotes additional sales in retail settings and generates additional revenue. We also provide excellent customer support in over a dozen languages 24/7. Retailers can choose from a wide selection of cash-dispensing ATM units using different connection set-ups.

Merchant Service Group LLC will work with you to find the right ATM transaction set.

Standard Transaction Set

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Check Cashing
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Balance Inquiries
  • Withdrawels

Customized Transaction Set

  • Customized text and graphics on ATMs
  • Mini and long form-statement printing
  • Customized marketing messages
  • Multiple account access
  • Multiple foreign language screens
  • Night depository card access
  • PIN change capability at ATMs
  • Payments
  • Earn additional revenue stream
  • Cross promotional opportunities
  • No processing fees
  • Reduce credit card fees
  • Reduce bad checks and declined authorization for acceptance

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